June’s Lovenote

Meditation, Grounding and Love bundles

Meditation, Grounding and Love Bundles

The wonder and joy that is meditation and mindfulness.  This has to be one of the most delicious gifts you can give to yourself and those you love, and the world.  There really is no “wrong” way to meditate.  And as with all things, best to play with different ways, noticing how you feel and then figuring out what works best for you.

Illuminate the path, draw the mind back, heaven is here when the mind is clear – MC YOGI

Meditation and Grounding is something that can be done alone, in small groups, large groups.  If with others you can meditate together without touch or with touch. Love bundles as the name suggests are all about touch and peacing out together, in a giant bundle of love.  YUM, SO GOOD.  It’s so special resting in someones company in silence, just feeling their foot, their heart beat, the movement through their back as they breathe.  It is also for many people, a way of sinking deeper into the pulse under it all as you can literally feel another being so you feel safe, trusting you can let yourself breathe yourself deeper into peace.  You are also simultaneously dropping deeper into you and holding space for each other, which is always a delicious feeling.

There is something wonderful about sitting up right with a straight spine, as this allows for really nice 3 dimensional breathing and rooting into the ground with sit bones and with that rooting, comes a natural spiraling of upward energy around the spine and torso up to the head and on.  However being comfortable is also key, especially in the beginning. As is consistency, so better 5 mins every day, than 1 hour and then nothing for a month!  Be gentle and sweet with yourself, build up like with anything new, if you hadn’t been to the gym for months you would build up slowly or feel the consequences! And as with going to the gym, somedays it might not feel so wonderful but you commit to the practice as over time the benefits are sublime and worth the days that feel sticky and frustrating.  Plus these can become wonderful ways to learn more about ourselves if we choose to bring intrigue to all the feelings we feel.

Grounding is really so simple.  Just take your shoes off!!!!!! As much as possible, walk barefoot on the earth and walk, stand, sit, lie, dig your hands into the sand, earth.  Cover yourself with water, earth, sand, grass and then bring awareness and gratitude.

20 mins – 1 hour is amazing, but as I said 5 mins, 10 mins and you will feel enormous shifts.

Key Points

Get comfortable.
Allow the eyes to soften behind your closed eye lids.
Wiggle your jaw to release tension.
Let your tongue rest behind your front teeth, on the top of your mouth.
Take a couple of big deep breathes and sigh them out.
Stretch and wiggle parts of you that feel they need stretching and wiggling!
Be warm.
Feel safe.
Set a timer (your mind likes agreements with time! And will relax more knowing you have made an agreement with time).
If possible do your meditation everyday at the same time.(But no worries if not).
Close eyes.
Breathe deeply, sweetly, rhythmically. 

Options to focus on
Send love to yourself.
Send love to another.
Listen to the waves, birds, sounds.
Count your in breathe and out breathe, lengthen and let your breath cruise round caressing your insides like an internal massage, like the perfect swing of a hammock.
Repeat a mantra, whatever you working on – Be brave, Grow Love, Stay calm, create freedom, cultivate wild, Be the joy…..and on.

Don’t worry about not having thoughts!  If you were not having thoughts you would be dead!!  But simply keep coming back to what you have chosen to focus on and breathe and allow the thoughts to float by, if you realize you grabbed hold of one and are now dissecting it, simply let it go, and return to your chosen focus for that meditation.


Inside, Outside doesn’t matter

Alone, together, lying on a rock. in the grass, sitting with a tree, out at sea, behind the breakers, being moved about by the waves.  In the rain, sun on your face. Floating, walking silently in a forrest, on a beach, in the city, at home, on a plane, in your car (when not driving!) Sunset, sunrise, lunch time,wednesday morning, sunday afternoon, in front of a fire.  

The magic is in the doing and creating within yourself space.  This then translates into all your daily interactions.  You have more peace, space, calm to make better decisions and navigate your life in a way aligned with you, feeling like you are actually moving through your days in a way that is authentic to you.  

Then as with anything in life, you can play with the skill and dance between meditating alone, with friends, grounding, mindfully walking barefoot, sitting, lying in savasana, softening into childs pose and allowing your hands to sink into the sand, grass, anothers hands.  You can move between totally peacing out in a safe environment to sometimes growing your edge and challenging yourself to see if you can stay “ZEN” in more challenging situations.  Which will help you grow at whatever you want to improve in.

With this in mind as my gym is the ocean often on a surf board.  I recently meditated behind the breakers with a friend.  We paddled a little further out than normal and spotted each other, so one of us had eyes closed and simply breathed, had to keep balanced on our board and trust that we were fine, as our friend would alert us if a rouge wave or any other unforeseen thing occurred!!  Then we could feel the ebb and flow of the ocean and be out there in a very different way, connecting to the waves and feeling them in our bodies in a way you cannot when you are talking, laughing, focusing and paddling hard to catch them!  When we bring these practices to our lives we grow in all directions, and ultimately learn more, pretty much nothing is a straight line, so often when we go at something straight on, we get so far and then we can feel stuck.  No matter how much we train, try, work at it, it feels like we are getting nowhere.  This is the sweet plateau of life, more on that in July’s love note.  We spend a lot of time on our various plateaus so the art of finding sweetness in them is freeing and brilliant. What can also help a lot is much like if we came to a block on a path we were walking we would not just give up, we would look for other ways to get around and then continue on our way.  Looking for ways to drop in on the things you love and finding less obvious ways to grow can allow us to make much greater improvements when we return to the more traditional forms of our chosen crafts.  Even if the learning itself is not something we can explain, its a magical trust thing.

Feeling the flow of water, sinking into the earth, being moved by the tide, as we are inevitably moved by the tides of life.  Can you let the water move you and move with it? Get rolled around and covered in sand? Can you know when to stay close to shore and when to make the effort to swim/paddle out behind the madness of the breakers, to not get stuck there but to find the gentle rise and fall of the sea behind them?  And can you know when its time to come out and allow the power of the ocean to help you, but know the point you must use your own power to walk out of the water?

Happy Meditating, Grounding and creating bundles of love.

Enjoy the Summer Solstice

Thursday 21st June special SUMMER SOLSTICE class 6pm@ Veryan sports and social club, money raised to go to Penny Brohn UK Charity, living well with cancer.  Below the three other beautiful yoga teachers coming together to create this class. Beth, Sophie and Jenny.

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The complimentary life coach session was claimed and enjoyed.

This months invitation, every day look yourself straight in the eyes and tell yourself, I love you, I got you, you are beautiful, you are brilliant.  So good, keep doing it forever. 

Always peace ya’ll
Shake it shimmy and soak up the glorious summer days and nights

Nix xxx