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Smile, play, breathe, gratitude,love

Adventure is worthwhile in itself

Adventure is worthwhile in itself
I want to do it, because I want to do it
The most effective way to do it, is just do it

Amelia Earhart

Play we must never stop playing this life is our play so you might as well cultivate with every inch of your being the life you want to play in.  No excuses, no blame, no if buts, resting deep in the truth that you are responsible for you. Fearlessly show up for yourself identify and raise your standards, cover yourself in love and play.  In doing so you allow others to do the same and so the whole vibration of the world rises as we meet each other authentically.  And I ask you, who are you to deny the world your best most playful joyous self? You must shine your gifts onto this world we all need each others gifts thats our highest calling, show up for you to show up for everyone. 

Everyday you have a choice to take responsibility of yourself and choose to live an intentional life. The skill is identifying where the choice is, this does not mean its always easy or always light or always fun. But we need to ask ourselves where we got the expectation that life should be those things all the time, life is all things. The ocean never denies a river, live with an open heart. Rest in the wisdom of all you have learnt, bravely lovingly step up into necessary ownership of your life, shedding all that no longer serves you.

My greatest desire is to invite all beings to fulfil their highest potential, this is only possible by showing up and owning your truth.  Identifying who you want to be and deciding to respond to life by leading, by saying no matter what anybody else does, I’m going to be the best I can be, if someone else wants to be unkind, selfish, that’s on them.  I’m not going to compromise on my warmth, my spark, my generosity because others may be behaving differently.  Instead of thinking why should I…….., rather think, why wouldn’t I want to………. Flooding your own life with playful light, and practice, forgiveness, intrigue and more practice. It takes many hours of showing up for you to hold a great inversion, catch a great wave, swim down and play with the creatures in the ocean. The same is true when we practice intentionally deciding who we want to be.

Since 1998 I have been working and learning all about taking personal responsibility and showing up to live the best most playful life possible. Which is ever changing through the circumstances we find ourselves in, many times we flow through, many times there are huge challenges.  But we always have a choice to grow, and so my many years of practice through breath, yoga and water play have allowed me to navigate some incredibly dark times, and some insanely light times! Deeply honouring the darkness and the light.  Flooding each day with intention, breath, gratitude, yoga and getting out on the water, swimming, surfing, free diving playing.  I’ve felt the contractions of fear and darkness and the expansions of wild joy and light. I’ve travelled, giggled, and expanded into new experiences.  Lived in many places on this glorious planet earth, we get to call home 🙂 I’ve been married, navigated divorce and a breast cancer diagnosis, raising two little beans consciously which I continue to do everyday. I truly feel I am blessed to be gifted life.  

You can control your choice to smile. Allow yourself peace of mind. Choose to smile

When you join me in the water, on the mat, in private sessions or on retreat, I will invite you to step up, feel the presence of your breath, breathe from your whole body, with playful intrigue and take it to the next level. I will invite you to find your growing edge and work hard, to cultivate you.  As I truly believe you can only control you, and that takes practice! With much playfulness and compassion, it takes courage to truly step up and honour you, but it is so worth it. I look forward to working/playing! with you.

Be awakened by the elements, listening under it all, hum, buzz, yum. Say yes to your life a big giant yes.

Radiance shines from within as you step up to grow, be free, thrive, stay when you want to run, steep deep

Breathe, Smile


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