nix oceans

Smile, Play, Breathe, Gratitude, Meditation, Love

nix oceans

You are a miracle, made up of particles.

Be the light, you are the light.

Breathe its our gateway tool to our lit energy pool

Do you know what you are for?

private sessions

Sometimes we just need to go deeper, we feel called to change, we need to carve out time to really re focus and give ourselves permission to learn new skills to help us navigate and live the life we know is within us.

yoga and swim classes

Nestled right where the land meets the sea, The Studio is open seasonally to enjoy yoga, the ocean, the elements.


Smile is a collection of words imbued with intention to create a smile. A percentage of profits go to Earthchildproject. Go to shop to learn more

Say yes to your life a big giant yes.

Be awakened by the elements, listening under it all, hum, buzz, yum.
Stay when you want to run, steep deep.
Radiance shines from within as you step up to grow, be free, thrive.

Breath is everything, connect to your breath, connect to you

free gift

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From Nix

June’s Love Note

  June’s Lovenote Meditation, Grounding and Love bundles Meditation, Grounding and Love Bundles The wonder and joy that is meditation and mindfulness.  This has to be one of the most delicious gifts you can give to yourself and those you love, and the world.  There really is no “wrong” way to meditate.  And as with all…

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Be your favourite kind of person don't let anybody else be them.